IMPROV TRAINING: The Second City Chicago, Planet Ant Theatre, and Go Comedy! Improv Theater

WHY I TEACH IMPROV: “I love working with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met, and being able to collaborate and share that with the students. I also love watching the students get fired up for improv and seeing them break out of their shells and have fun.”

EXPERIENCE: Anna is an actor and improviser. She has been teaching improv to youth and adults for six years. In addition to her work with The Improv Project, Anna teaches in the training center program at Go Comedy! Improv Theater where is also a member of their Resident Cast. Anna can be seen onstage at Go Comedy!, Planet Ant Theatre, and performing with the Dinner Detective. When she is not performing or teaching improv, she works as a teaching assistant and standardized patient in Wayne State University’s medical school.