IMPROV TRAINING: Planet Ant Theatre and The Backline

WHY I TEACH IMPROV: “There’s a magic in your ideas being heard, supported, and impacting the people around you, and there’s a magic in being able to gift that moment to another person, as well as witness the exchange.”

EXPERIENCE: Dana is an educator, teaching artist, and performer with more than ten years of experience. She also has a limited license in social work and works with schools and families to provide therapeutic services for youth. As part of The Improv Project team, Dana helped develop a program for foster youth that integrates improv and social/emotional learning skills. She was an artistic collaborator and social work consultant to Sofa Stories Detroit and The Black and Brown Theatre and facilitated workshops for the Prison Creative Arts Project and Youth Arts Alliance in the US and Brazil. Dana earned her BA in Psychology and Master of Social Work in Interpersonal Practice from the University of Michigan.