About Improv

Why improvise? Improvisation or improv is a performing art that relies on listening, reacting in the moment, collaboration, and good communication instead of props, costumes, or a script. Improv isn’t just for actors. Improv is for anyone who wants to be a better communicator, teammate, and problem solver.

Learning to improvise is also a great way to become a more confident storyteller and writer. And it’s a safe space where our students connect with peers, share their ideas, and play. Our students tell us improv helps them overcome fears about public speaking and it’s an outlet for their creativity. They also say improv has given them some of their closest friendships.

University of Michigan’s three-year study of The Improv Project shows improv helps our students gain confidence, overcome social anxiety, and build valuable social skills. Our syllabus combines a framework for social and emotional learning (SEL) with Michigan’s educational standards for theater arts. 

Watch as students from one of our online improv classes practice their storytelling and teamwork skills. Then listen as a student shares how improv helped her overcome stage fright.