IMPROV TRAINING: Planet Ant Theatre and Go Comedy! Improv Theater

WHY I TEACH IMPROV: “A lot of people in this world struggle with self-confidence and doubt. Everyone has, at times in their life, beaten themselves up about what they could have done or should have done — and while self-reflection can be a positive exercise, we tend to beat ourselves up over inconsequential experiences or social interactions. And that hurts our ability to live in the moment. Improv has a wonderful way of pulling out the best in people, showing that if you jump on the present moment, you can make magic happen. Don’t doubt yourself — just run with it. You are enough. I love working with The Improv Project and bringing this art form to kids around Detroit. Watching their confidence grow as they break out of their shells has been the most rewarding experience of my theater career.”

EXPERIENCE: Andy is a writer, comedian, improviser, actor, and journalist. He has taught improv to youth and adults for over four years. Andy is the Managing Director for Planet Ant Theatre. He performs at Planet Ant, Go Comedy!, Pointless Brewery & Theatre and is co-host of the Simpsons-centric podcast Homerphilia.