IMPROV TRAINING: The Second City Detroit and Planet Ant Theatre

WHY I TEACH IMPROV: “I love teaching improv to people that have never had the experience before. Improv completely and radically changed my life for the better. It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to help someone be affected by the same changes that improv has given me.”

EXPERIENCE: Mike has over twenty years of performance experience and fifteen years of student-centered teaching practice at several prominent institutions including The Second City Detroit, Planet Ant Theatre, and Y Arts. He is the Director of the Planet Ant Training Center, a Planet Ant Training Center Instructor, a resident member of the The Planet Ant Improv Colony Home Team, and coach of the Planet Ant Farm Team. Mike’s performance experience includes television, dramatic and comedic theater, storytelling, and improvisational comedy credits. He has earned numerous awards for his writing, directing, and acting. Mike specializes in using emotional connection, relationships, character work, and genre-based narrative development in his work with students.